Welcome to Mind Over Matter Psychological Services’ website which has some very basic information.

**Fee Change**

*Mind Over Matter will be charging $150 for both weekday and weekend appointments.

A receipt will be provided to lodge through Medicare Online to receive a $87.45 rebate.

If you are on Centrelink or cannot afford this fee, please speak to your Doctor to complete a WentWest Mental Health Referral.*

Eftpos facilities are available. Bank transfers will also be accepted.


Seeking treatment is a tough step particularly if you’re like me and think you don’t need a Psych “what are they going to tell me that I don’t already know” or you may think that only people with depression go to see Psychologists.

The reality is that you have nothing to lose in seeing someone who is in an objective position to give you an opinion or some advice about how to work through a difficult situation or personal issues. The worst case is that you walk-away from the session or sessions and realise that psychological treatment isn’t for you.

I pride myself in my belief that I amĀ one of the best Psychologists in Western Sydney. I say this because I get results.

I get results because I encourage my clients (consumers) to treat their treatment like going to the gym and seeing a personal trainer, I can give you the skills but you need to make them your own and train.

I get results because I practice what I preach. There’s no point in recommending a technique or approach if I wouldn’t do it myself. I also remain on top of research in the field. I love learning and sharing knowledge.

Give my office a call on (02) 88966066 to make an appointment or email me at enquiry@mindovermatter.net.au if you have any questions.

I sincerely look forward to meeting with you.

Mind Over Matter Psychological Services is the trading name of Goonniah Pty Ltd