Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

My GP wrote me a Mental Health Care Plan, isn’t the service free?

No.  The Mental Health Care Plan is for a diagnosed mental health condition and allows Psychologists to bulk-bill (“free”) if the Psychologist chooses to bulk-bill. Please see below link for more information.

Is the text I receive the day before from a computer? Should I reply?

No, it is not from a computer but the Mind Over Matter work mobile.

Yes, you should reply to confirm your appointment.

If you need to reschedule or make an appointment call 0435 969 408 or (02) 88966066.

Do you do assessments for children and schools?


Do you prescribe medications?

No, only your Doctor and Psychiatrists can do that. Navin provides the psychological counselling.

Navin’s profile comes up on my Facebook, why is that?

Navin will add your contact details on to his work mobile. Facebook is able to identify this and present this to your “add friend” list.

According to the Code of Ethics,  a Psychologist should not add (or be added by) a current client as a friend. Only after 2 years of not seeing the client can this be considered but even then, not encouraged.